Sunday, May 4, 2008

Three Cemeteries Hike

I intended to go for a one-hour walk and visit one cemetery, but I wound up going on a three-hour hike and visiting three cemeteries. Go figure. Story here.

1. Happy Valley.
2. Bear Aware sign at the trailhead.
3. The Old Mining School.
4. Cominco from the Old Mining School.
5. Old Trail Cemetery.

6. One of many baby and infant graves in the Old Trail Cemetery.
7. Older graves at the back of the Old Trail Cemetery.
8. I don't think anyone is actually buried under these upright stones. I believe these were moved here in the 1920s when Cominco needed the land they were originally on. As you can see, the stones are sinking into the earth.
9. Mountain View Cemetery, our "current" cemetery.
10. New-ish mausoleum at Mountain View, not full yet but whoever is there is of Italian descent.
11. Old Rossland Cemetery. This is just stone's throw from Mountain View, and at the bottom of Happy Valley. There is a Catholic cemetery in lower Rossland that is much older and much creepier than this one.


Cherie said...

Oh man, WC, I wish I'd joined you on your accidental hike. Tired and achey though you were, you had yourself a nifty adventure. I enjoyed the photos from your NEW camera! Yay!

The sinking tombstones look like something from a horror movie - a good story could be written about them.

Thanks for sharing. I'm loving this photo blog of yours!

Captain Karen said...

Sometimes the wrong turns and accidental twists in the paths we take lead us to some great spots. Thanks for sharing your walk with us.

Milla said...

Next time, whetehr you like it or not, I'll come with you.
Actually, the pictures are so beautiful and evocative that I can come with you while sitting down and look at the photographs.

I love tombstones. They say a lot about the living, not only about the dead.