Saturday, June 7, 2008

Rossland's Bank of Montreal

A couple of months ago, I posted about Rossland's historic Bank of Montreal building, which is currently for sale. I've come to love old buildings and old architecture, and today I had the opportunity to go inside this old beauty for the first time in nearly 15 years. I used to bank at this location until I left town, but that was before I learned to appreciate a historic building for what it was, and well before our digital camera era.

This weekend is Rossland's annual Spring Wing Ding, and the old bank is being used for an art exhibit featuring local artists. I am not the biggest art aficionado in the world, so I was trying to discretely take pictures of the interior detail the bank is so well-known for while trying to be interested in local artists. Some of the art was actually OK; some of it was God-awful.

Exterior of the building.
This is an example of some of the original plasterwork in the main part of the old bank. Also, note the arched windows, which are very cool.

This is the fireplace in the manager's office.

Someone remarked that this would make an awesome bar.

The foyer, looking out the front door.
More pictures here.

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