Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Red Mountain & Poochy's

Yesterday, I hiked up Red with my dad, stopping at the top at Poochy's Inn, the ski cabin. The elevation gain between our starting point and the cabin is just shy of 1500 feet. Full story here.

Cominco is capping off a lot of old mine shafts, so these signs are posted at closed trail heads. Most people ignore the signs.

Mountain Ash in the woods.

Looking up Sally's Alley, across which the Red Summit trail criss-crosses.


Trail & Columbia River from Red.
Looking north-ish towards Castlegar, which is upstream along the Columbia from Trail.
Looking to the top of Red Mountain from Poochy's.
Rossland from Red.

Full Flickr set here.


Cherie said...

These pictures sure tell the tale, WC.

Beautiful shots! Gorgeous place you live in.

I hate hiking uphill - I wheeze and it about kills me. But when I get to the top I feel so proud of myself and the view is usually great. But the soreness and the long hike down - ugh.

Good for you!

Milla said...

Your area looks quite a lot like the area where I come from.

Verey beautiful pictures, Coyote, really.

Milla said...

Oh I forgot to ask you: why is Poochy's called this way?

Wandering Coyote said...

Milla: I have no idea. It's probably someone's silly nickname.